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There are many ways to earn money online. You can take surveys, watch videos, and play games. These methods will make you a few dollars. If you want to make real money online you need to build a business online.

This can be achieved by starting a website and blogging. When you blog you need to focus on SEO. If you are going to be successful blogging writing posts that are 500 words or so are ok…but that’s it just ok.

This will not help you rank or get indexed in the search engines and you are going to have to pay a lot of money for PPC advertising. I talk about all of that here at The Ninety Nine. I also talk about places to get hosting, how to leverage social media, and getting ranked and indexed.

There are also other ways, like making short videos and putting them on YouTube. And posting them to your Facebook business and fan pages.

I also teach all of those methods here. I’ll link all of this great information for you so it’s easy to find. What I want to talk about today though is something entirely different.



You can use this link above to add your awesome photos and make royalties from them! If you are a professional photographer or amateur it doesn’t matter! Learn more here You’ll learn all about selling your images!




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This is the other awesome opportunity I’m talking about today! You get to build a business by recruiting people from all over the world and you earn money doing it. The best part is they offer advertising campaigns that you can receive sign ups for $29 and collect up to 10 affiliates that will start generating you money on 12 levels in your genealogy!

Plus I give you the tools you need to get your website FREE and Hosting FREE to get people interested in what you do! You have your own ecommerce store! See it here

This is your store! Or you can connect with big retail chains…Amazon for example and sell or buy goods and actually get rewarded with Versa Points that are shares in the million dollar executive pool that you earn commission on! So as you buy stuff, learn the program and play games you earn what are called VP Versa Points…those are commissions!

Then when you do these activities you also earn MRP Member Reward Points, that are digital currency inside your ecommerce store! More MRP more buying power! Think of MRP as your dollars inside Triple Clicks!

Look at the games available



I have been building this website for years now. It is full of ways to make real money every month like clock work if you implement the strategies outlined here. I call the site The Ninety Nine for 2 reasons!

#1 The Ninety Nine Percent was a movement on Wall Street of people that were tired of being taken advantage of by the rich and powerful. 1% of the population has all the money and the other 99% are the working class that generate all the money for the 1%.

We are the majority and there is safety in numbers! If we unite they can’t stop us…but if we are divided we get nothing accomplished and we fall.

Great Army Generals had this figured out a long time ago…divide and conquer. There is truth to that! So how do we unite and fix this?

Simple we get multiple income streams…that I go over throughout this whole site…meaning YOU are going to need to navigate around! There are great golden nuggets here. Which leads me to reason #2…

#2 The Ninety Nine also means there are literally Ninety Nine Thousand ways to make money. When getting started it can be overwhelming to someone that has zero experience working online…DO NOT FEAR!

I go over programs that will teach you everything you need to learn how to get started ans ultimately become VERY WEALTHY after you finish the program. The VERY FIRST thing you need to is get ONLINE PRESENCE.

Do this by opening all social media platforms that are on the web…ALL OF THEM! Get that list here. Then You’ll need to build you website…don’t worry if you never built a site…everything you need for training, support, and my personal assistance will be available to you 24/7/365..go here .

Then you’ll have a great start on your journey. This will take you several months to work through these 2 programs. Once you do you’ve got a great start to 2 income streams. So in order to keep up to date with all the other awesome affiliate programs I recommend joining and thousands of other strategies…sign up for our Newsletter… right below!






So get started right now with the first 2 programs. Then I’ll give you 3 more powerful ways to earn steady money month in month out. No survey’s no scams no pyramid schemes just real work to build a real business. There is no instant gratification here…this is going to take months to start seeing results. If you are looking for get rich quick this is not for you. FYI…none of those get rich tomorrow tricks NEVER WORK.
Stick with the plan I lay out here and you will get results. Me and THOUSANDS of other successful people have worked this same blueprint word for word and all have awesome results. Get the Newsletter join the programs…then you’ll have access to me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest!
Good luck to you and if you have questions just leave a comment in the box below…I personally read and respond to every comment on this website. If you found it educational let me know…leave a comment if you know someone that may benefit from this information just hit the share icon below and send it to them.
Thanks in advance and I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you achieve your dreams! Have a great day  🙂 !


Author: Howard

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  1. I have free time for to spend time on internet and they are really usefull information for to earn money online thanks a lot..

    1. There are literally so many ways to make money online. once you get started your entire email will be filled with so many sites that you’ll never get through them all. what I’ve done by mentioning these specific sites is cut through the B.S. and save my readers time. I have personally tried many different survey sites and other methods. All or most were just a big aggravation and waste of time. To really make money online you need to have a plan. The best tip I can give is start a blog. Then you can write product reviews and promote services and products that you use and love….all while making commissions. There is an entire community dedicated to helping you build your blog and growing your online presence! JOIN HERE

      I am a member and I will personally asist you and any others that want a REAL way to get off the anti-wealth merry go round!! 🙂

      See you on the inside, you’ll create an account in 4 easy steps and build a site in 30 seconds in the coming weeks you’ll be making a full time income from your endeavor.


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